I usually write a story about a single person who inspires others in their own unique way. And on this grey and miserable day, I stumbled across a video that brightened my day. 

In Tangier, local communities have started working together to clean up and beautify their neighborhood. I believe this is a great way to create better places on earth; clean and pretty places make safer places (if you're up for a read: several examples can be found in Malcolm Gladwell's 'The Tipping Point'). And I believe the community effort of all this might make people feel even better.

Looking at the video I wished my street in Northern England would do the same. I wish I could tell you who initated this project, and why. But after spending 30 minutes on google (unsuccessfully), I decided that it might not matter. This project would not exist without the people to execute is: the people of Tangier. So I'll leave you with the video and some before and after shots, hoping cities all over the world will follow this example...


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