In the wings (Mycah blog)

We have been quiet to the outside world. Very quiet.

Behind the scenes, so much has been going on that every piece I have started to write, was outdated even before I finished it. And with our focus on finishing our album, blogging about it turned out to be extremely difficult. It’s a bit like being the action hero and the quiet observer at the same time.

But it is time to tell a bit more about what’s going on behind the scenes. Some of our fans and family have been waiting to hear what our album will sound like for almost a year now. That seems like a very long time, but to us, it has been a year that has flown by very quickly. Time for a quick recap.

We have started recording this album last summer with Francis Dunnery, in his studio in America. It has been a very valuable process, but unfortunately he did not have the time to finish the project with us. Since we were very eager to move forward, we started looking at alternatives. Since we don’t live in America, we started looking a bit closer to home.

In Maaikes old hometown Haarlem, we have found the perfect person to replace Francis as a producer: Bart Wagemakers. He understood the type of music we are making and the vibe we want to bring across. And he didn’t freak out when we asked if we could finish this album before the summer, instead we all started working really hard to actually try and make that happen.

For Bart, it has been challenging to finish a project that someone else has started. There are things that he would have done differently, had he been involved from the start. But he too confirmed that Francis has done an amazing job, and he started shaping the songs instantly.

The role of a producer is a bit unclear to a lot of people. In fact I have read an interview with a very well known producer that even he didn’t know what a producer exactly did, until he became one. In very short: Bart (and Francis before him) is hired to lift our songs from ‘that’s kind of a nice song’ to ‘holy crap, that should be on the radio!’. Or something like that.

In the past couple of weeks, we have finished recording all the bass and drum parts for all the songs, and guitar parts for most of them. We are adding layers of musical instruments, real musical instruments. And with the addition of every instrument, the songs come to live a little bit more. We are looking at each song individually to see what it needs to make it sparkle.

Now this has been our story from the studio (in short). Stay tuned; soon we sill have more news about our music, and we will change the look and feel of our current website. We feel like we are standing in the wings right now, just moments away from getting out there in the spotlight…


Producer Bart brings good ideas AND chocolate