It may be unfair to write a piece about Ken Nwadike and focus mainly on his Free Hugs Project, because he has done so much more than that. But it was the story that caught my attention in the first place...

After seeing the Boston marathon bombing, Ken Nwadike (whose company Superhero Events organises the annual Hollywood Half Marathon to raise money for homeless youth in California, USA) decided to participate in the next race. When he failed to qualify by only a few seconds, he decided to attend in a different way, to spread love and encourage the runners. He took a camera and a sign that said "free hugs :)" and stood along the route. This simple act of hugging people spread positivity during the event and made many runners smile. The video went viral and Ken made headlines with his free hugs. 

Ken is not afraid of spreading these hugs, and attends rallies and demonstrations. Not to spread a political message, but only to spread love. I love people who are driven by love and not fear (hence all the stories in this 'inspiration' section of our website). If you see the videos of some of the rallies Ken attends, you can see that he faces a lot of negativity and fear, but he is clearly very driven to spread the love. On the Free Hugs Project website we can find his conviction: "Fear and hatred will cease to exist when love is in abundance".

Ken encourages people all over the world to join his Free Hugs Project, to give more hugs and to spread more love.