A personal note from Maaike

I am not the type to share much personal information on the internet. But when I am unable to perform I feel I do owe people an explanation, as I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘the show must go on’.
Dreaming of Kate has had to cancel a full show in September, and unfortunately we can’t perform the show we had planned in January in Milton Keynes either. The reason for this is that I have a hip injury. I have received quite a few questions about it lately, which is why I decided to answer them publicly. 
First of all: I will be OK eventually. Doctors expect a full recovery, but it will take time. And surgery. I won’t need a new hip, apparently they can fix the damage (which is very good news, because it means  will be able to dance again in 2017).
Also: I haven’t been in an accident, I didn’t fall and it wasn’t caused by dancing too much; anyone with an office job could have gotten the same injury, it’s just bad luck that I got it and that it causes me so much pain and inconvenience.
From a personal view: I can’t wait to be able to move around properly again. While 3 months ago I could run around like a maniac and do cartwheels on stage for two hours, I now need special assistance at the airport because it’s too far for me to walk. Frustrating at times, but then again: I’m happy that doctors can fix something like this.
In the next couple of weeks, I can still be seen on stage three times (all in the UK): on 5 October in Hull and on 14 October in Richmond with our Dreaming of Kate UNPLUGGED show (where I’ll be playing the piano), and on 22 October I will be at the CKDCF Benefit Concert in Egremont for a couple of songs with Mycah. I will have surgery in November, and I will need several months to recover. So no Christmas shows for me this year, as someone asked… But in 2017 I will be hitting the stage again!
Much love,
PS: If you miss my voice too much: the new Mycah album will be out on 18 October; you can order it on our website http://www.mycahmusic.com