This music feels like you are going on a holiday”

— Jamie Stevelink (fan)

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Dark days 

I started 2020 full of hope. After years of operations, sickness and recovery, away from the stage, I started this year with a new day job and a handful of house concerts in my diary. More house concerts would follow, I was sure. I would finally be back on track to what could be called a fairly normal life. I would be able to go places, go out for drinks, see friends abroad and sing the occasional tune on a stage again.

It all went down a bit differently. No one is having a normal life in 2020.


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I fell off the face of the earth 

Hi all you lovely people,

I have thought about you a lot over the past couple of years. I have missed you, and I am so flattered that after almost 3 years of not being on a stage I still receive messages asking if I’m still performing. It warms my heart every time. I don’t think I have replied to any of your messages, but I have read (and loved) them all. These messages are part of the reason I want to let you all know why I have been so silent, and I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

As you…

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Not many of you know I come from a family of lawyers. Oh, and artists. But lawyers too. And for some reason this seems to haunt me. I didn’t mean to become one, but I worked as a legal secretary in an office specialised in intellectual property law for about 5 years, and I learned quite a bit during that time. 

I have seen a lot of lawyers and such over the past years, apart from my family members and former colleagues. There were several included in WOW the Show. Dreaming of Kate started not with a band…

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Mycah @ KidsFlits  

I am very pleased and honoured to be a guest in this Thursday's episode of KidsFlits, a TV show made and produced by children who are staying at the LUMC medical centre in Leiden (NL)! Due to privacy reasons, I won't be able to share the actual footage, but I might be able to share a pic or two...

I'm back! 

After a short break from social media, Mycah is back! With a newly designed website! Have a look around, and as always: feel free to leave a message...

Love, Mycah
Don't judge, only feel. Let go, just grow down...”

— Maaike Breyman - Love Me (Like It's The Last Time)